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Zonta model review

automatic accompaniment, jazz chords

another review of Zonta button digital accordion, by courtesy of Liberty Bellows, Philadelphia, PA

Styles control review

just trying to play

Here is a short demonstration of styles control at Liberty Bellows, Philadelphia, PA

Jazz support demonstration

Manual and Automatic modes

I am happy to show some examples of jazz chords support, played on Tula version of button accordion. You can hear a fragment of the My Foolish Heart song in this demo.

This model features a control panel with real buttons and 4 configurable presets, it is helpful when you need to switch sounds quickly during live performance.

First Zonta video

Summer Evening Colors (R.Bazhilin)

thanks to Trofim Antipov who kindly agreed to shot this short video with new accordion in Zonta case.

Automatic accompaniment demo

Autumn Leaves

Another demonstration with automatic accompaniment. Alexander Zubarev is playing Autumn Leaves (J.Kosma)

Partial automatic accompaniment demo

Song For Joss

Here you can listen for Song for Joss (R.Galliano) and see how one can play with partially automatic accompaniment.

Played by Dmitry Dolnikov.

Bass and chords are played manually. Additional automatic accompaniment is played while chords and bass pressed.

Dmitry Dolnikov

Musician and Engineer

Hello! Here is my first model which was presented on the International Сompetition of piano and button accordion players AccoPremium-2019

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