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Digital accordion
for jazz and more

  • automatic accompaniment with hundreds of styles

  • lots of instrumental sounds

  • ready and free play left hand modes (standard and convertor)

  • play Jazz chords on Stradella left hand chord system

  • easy configuration with touch screen

  • chin buttons for live performance with accompaniment

Jazz support demonstration

Manual and Automatic modes

I am happy to show some examples of jazz chords support, played on Tula version of button accordion. You can hear a fragment of the My Foolish Heart song in this demo.

This model features a control panel with real buttons and 4 configurable presets, it is helpful when you need to switch sounds quickly during live performance.

Digital accordion Musatunix.jpg

Piano version digital accordion

instrument box made in Italy

Piano version digital accordion is ready for demonstration, video is coming soon, stay tuned

What is used for

digital accordion creation

C++ Programming

Electronics engineering

Playing Music

Music Styles Creation

instruments adaptation

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