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Digital accordion
for jazz and more

  • automatic accompaniment with hundreds of styles

  • lots of instrumental sounds

  • ready and free play left hand modes (standard and convertor)

  • play Jazz chords on Stradella left hand chord system

  • easy configuration with touch screen

  • chin buttons for live performance with accompaniment

Jazz support demonstration

Manual and Automatic modes

I am happy to show some examples of jazz chords support, played on Tula version of button accordion. You can hear a fragment of the My Foolish Heart song in this demo.

This model features a control panel with real buttons and 4 configurable presets, it is helpful when you need to switch sounds quickly during live performance.

What is used for

digital accordion creation

C++ Programming

Electronics engineering

Playing Music

Musical Styles Creation

Music instruments adaptation

other models are in development

digital accordion v0.2.png
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